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The Crew Beyond the Curtain


My latest project of artworks pays tribute to the dedicated individuals behind the scenes in theater. These pieces capture the passion, talent, and artistry that breathe life into the stage.

From the skilled hands of costume designers meticulously crafting period attire to the intense focus of lighting technicians shaping the mood of a scene, these artworks delve into the often unseen but essential roles within the theater community. Through a blend of realism and symbolism, I convey the profound dedication and creativity of these unsung heroes.

This collection reminds us that both onstage and behind the curtain, it takes a collaborative spirit and unwavering passion to create the enchanting experiences we cherish in the performing arts.

If you're interested in becoming a muse for this project, I welcome your enthusiasm!


"The Crew Beyond the Curtain" is a celebration of theater professionals who bring it to life.


Whether you're a director, sound engineer, charge artist, or any part of the theater world, your journey and dedication can inspire this collection. I'm eager to hear your personal stories, learn about the intricacies of your craft, and capture the essence of your passion through art.


To participate or ask questions, reach out to me at  Join me in bringing theater's hidden stories to life!

My Friend Cambry, The Lighting Designer

My Iris-focused portrait hints towards the inner workings of a Lighting Designer and the Technology they use to help express a scene or an idea. I used personal references as a way to capture this specific patch between visionary and practical application. There are many layers to this, I wish I had a magic sheet to explain all 10 hidden symbols but I'll leave that up to you to find and decipher them…

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