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Art Commission Information
Flower Pattern
Flower Pattern

Art Commission Information

Do's & Dont's 

  • Humans/Animals/Fantasy Art, (dnd, video games, etc.)

  • Couples of any gender

  • Fanart

  • Realism/surrealism

  • Soft NSFW (sexy/suggestive/characters)

  • Fetishes

  • Pornography and NSFW

  • NFT's

  • Logos

  • Anything hateful/racist/homophobic


A portrait commission crops the character/animal around the neck or shoulder area depending on the individual character/animal.

A simple background comes with a portrait commission.

Additional character/animal $35

Detailed Background $20



A character sketch commission comes in full body or bust.  You may have one additional item ex. staff, mele, wepons,etc.

Additional Weapon $5 

Additional Character $10

Background $15

To see more of my work, you can visit my Instagram gallery @Mafk_Designs

When contacting me give as many details/reference photos as possible. (The more the better!) Examples of things you could mention:
color pallet, poses, style, backstory, characters appearance, expression, background, text style, etc. 

If there is something else, you want commissioned I'm always open to try something new! Just Email or DM me. :)

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