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Genisis Nexus


Mary Kozmor & Meg Raasakka

Within the divine forge of Hephaestus, the god of blacksmithing, emerges the Genesis Nexus—an ethereal sword bestowed upon artists, embodying the birth of artificial intelligence. This celestial artifact serves as a potent reminder of AI's dual nature; like all powerful tools, it carries the weight of responsibility, its potential for both artistic brilliance and unintended consequences dependent on the virtuous choices of its wielder. Hephaestus's journey mirrors contemporary skepticism towards AI and digital art, reflecting the doubts and uncertainties surrounding this rapidly advancing technology. Yet, within this skepticism lies the potential for change, just as digital art challenges traditional notions and invites artists to explore new horizons. In 'Genesis Nexus,' I've illustrated the ongoing struggle for artistic integrity in AI by incorporating Nightshade flowers, symbolizing the AI Corruptor Program—a tool used by artists to safeguard their creations from theft.…

In crafting this piece, my process began with capturing a photo of my partner, Kevin, wielding a hatchet. This reference served as the foundation for my vision, but to enhance efficiency, I employed AI Software Wombo alongside descriptive text to generate a modified image. This AI-enhanced reference proved invaluable during the brainstorming and sketching phases of my process, eliminating the time-consuming task of searching for the perfect pose or reference image. Once I was satisfied with the preliminary sketches and linework (pictured above), I transitioned to Procreate (drawing software), utilizing my own custom brushes to digitally paint the piece. Despite being an artist myself, I found AI to be a great tool for streamlining the reference-gathering process, allowing me to invest approximately 47 hours (on average I spend anywhere from 50-100 hours per painting). By harnessing AI technology in this manner, I was able to optimize my workflow and allocate more time and energy towards the actual painting process, while using AI in a way that doesn't steal from other artists' work. This was the first piece I've done where I've incorporated AI into the process and I'm really happy with how it turned out! 

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